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Since inflation becomes less responsive to marginal cost in the NKPC when the average inflation rate increases, inflation in the reduced form NKPC also becomes less responsive to marginal cost: [a.
generally when a child is 16); (2) assets and/or income held and/or earned by students are treated less favorably than if held and/or earned by parents; and (3) assessments calculated at a marginal financial aid assessment rate have a similar wealth-reducing effect as income taxes calculated at a marginal income tax rate.
Thus, adding capital raises the marginal product of labor and hence the return on labor, which is wage.
In general, for clients who expect their marginal tax rate in retirement to remain the same as it is currently, a 401(k) or a deductible IRA is equivalent to a Roth IRA.
5-fold greater risk of developing marginal ulceration than did nonsmokers.
In 2002, one of the EUR1million-plus club paid no tax and five only paid at the marginal rate of 20 per cent.
County code requires anyone seeking the marginal land tag to meet strict criteria.
In addition, while the market-determined product price equals marginal cost at the profit-maximizing quantity of output for a ppt, the market-determined wage equals marginal revenue product at the profit-maximizing amount of labor for a rpt, with the logic of marginal reasoning behind these results quite similar for either decision.
Six cars were rated as acceptable, seven were marginal and nine poor.
Roadsters: The Mazda MX-5 did best with a marginal rating.
We observed only 1 postoperative complication; the patient who underwent excision of a Warthin's tumor developed mild paresis of the right marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve.
How can the panel conclude that the marginal interference was less than the winning margin when the winning margin was only inches?