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Marginal fit and internal fit both depend on the clinical and laboratory steps.
According to Goldin EB et al., marginal discrepancy in the range of 40-120 microns is considered clinically acceptable for the success of the crowns.
* To evaluate and compare the marginal accuracy of provisional crowns fabricated using chemically polymerized Bis-GMA composite resin (two paste auto mix system), light polymerized UDMA composite resin (single paste system), and chemically polymerized PMMA acrylic resin (powder-liquid system) by the direct technique.
Increasing R&D expenditure improves the reliability of the firm's product, but is subject to diminishing marginal returns.
We remark that a one-component sequence of marginal observables corresponds to observables of certain structure; namely, the marginal observable [B.sup.(1)](0) = (0, [b.sup.[epsilon].sub.1] ([x.sub.1]), 0, ...) corresponds to the additive-type observable, and a one-component sequence of marginal observables [B.sup.(k)](0) = (0, ..., 0, [b.sup.[epsilon].sub.k] ([x.sub.1], ..., [x.sub.k]), 0, ...) corresponds to the k-ary-type observable [26].
In [18], Tarasova and Tarasov have stated the condition for the applicability of (8) that it defines the marginal value of an indicator under assumption that an indicator Y must be expressed as a single valued function.
Debt owed by these chronically marginal businesses amounted to 228 trillion won ($194 billion), 14.1 percent of total corporate liabilities.
(5,6,7) The current study examined treatment methods and subsequent outcomes in consecutive patients with marginal entropion, and emphasized the importance of differential diagnosis of this condition.
Different marginal designs have been proposed and the most acceptable ones for all-ceramic restorations are either the rounded shoulder or the large chamfer margin.
How does your current marginal tax bracket compare to your future marginal tax bracket?
Nodal pricing or locational marginal pricing (LMP) acknowledges that location is an important aspect of electricity which should be reflected in its price, so all accepted offers are paid a local uniform-price associated with each node of the electricity network (Schweppe et al., 1988; Hogan, 1992; Chao and Peck, 1996; Hsu, 1997).