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Thus, in the Apophthegmata, most of the entries have a marginal annotation (""fortiter ' in our example) summarizing the content in a word or two.
Through the literary techniques of personal narration and marginal annotation, she provided a gloss on her texts that laid the groundwork for the model reader--whether an aged contemporary, historian, or editor of her work--to sift through her manuscripts with the aim of understanding their synthetic themes, narrative goals, and intertextual relations to other historical documents.
If, as Sherman has determined, more than 20 percent of the Huntington Library's collection of early modern editions contain substantial marginal annotation (5), and if many well-used books have been used to death, leaving us with a false sample of pristine copies, then the practice of writing and marking in books must have been widespread and, to some extent, conventionalized.
For example, beside the entry for 4 January, which involved a visit to Elizabeth Lumley and then to Mary Talbot, wife of Gilbert Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, and the viewing of a play (which does underline the fact that Clifford didn't spend all of her marriage exiled at Knole 'like an owl in the desert'), the marginal annotation is one of the comments about her husband that call attention to how hard done by she was: 'Upon the 5th being twelfth Eve my Lord play'd at Dice in the Court & won nine hundred twenty shilling pieces and gave me but twenty'.
The problem is compounded when Rastall provides conflicting interpretations of 2/364+sd+md: on page 188 he opines that the marginal annotation "Cantant" "can only be celestial music, sung by two or more angels in the heaven to accompany Gabriel's movement to visit Mary"; yet elsewhere (193, 194 n.
Jerome, Breviarium in Psalmos, in an eighth-century prayer-book, and in the marginal annotation to a manuscript in the cathedral library of Tortosa.
As shown in Figure 1, the marginal annotation in an Italic hand summarizes this material: "The soule of two natures, sensual & ghostly.
It investigates the history of such scholarship in its various embodiments (editions, commentaries, marginal annotations, monographs on individual topics, author- and genre-specific lexica, and others) and the aims, concerns, assumptions, and techniques that it deployed.
Moreover, Harington creates a record of himself, his interests, and his reading habits through his marginal annotations.
Sentieri offers additional instructor support in the Instructor's Annotated Edition (print version) by means of student pages overprinted with answers to activities and marginal annotations that provide the instructor with suggestions for enhancing the materials in the students' edition of the text.
Ullmann believes that the second alternative is more likely and thus concludes that Istifan's Arabic version is a true representation of the Greek manuscript together with its marginal annotations (p.
Marginated is a 17th century word meaning 'provided with marginal annotations,' and this exhibition illuminates evidence of reading and handling of 17th century books.