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If, as Sherman has determined, more than 20 percent of the Huntington Library's collection of early modern editions contain substantial marginal annotation (5), and if many well-used books have been used to death, leaving us with a false sample of pristine copies, then the practice of writing and marking in books must have been widespread and, to some extent, conventionalized.
The problem is compounded when Rastall provides conflicting interpretations of 2/364+sd+md: on page 188 he opines that the marginal annotation "Cantant" "can only be celestial music, sung by two or more angels in the heaven to accompany Gabriel's movement to visit Mary"; yet elsewhere (193, 194 n.
Sentieri offers additional instructor support in the Instructor's Annotated Edition (print version) by means of student pages overprinted with answers to activities and marginal annotations that provide the instructor with suggestions for enhancing the materials in the students' edition of the text.
Ullmann believes that the second alternative is more likely and thus concludes that Istifan's Arabic version is a true representation of the Greek manuscript together with its marginal annotations (p.
Marginated is a 17th century word meaning 'provided with marginal annotations,' and this exhibition illuminates evidence of reading and handling of 17th century books.
Chapter 1 historicizes education by examining Milton's own reading processes through his marginal annotations in Paulus Stephanus's edition of Euripides.
Kathryn Walls's discussion of William Baspoole's marginal annotations of a medieval treatise (Pilgrimage of the Lyre of the Manhode) is tangential to the volume as a whole, but does provide the only pro-Laudian essay in the collection.
of Illinois) explores the relationship between his account of ancient attitudes about visual art, his marginal annotations in the work of English poet Philip Sidney (1554-86), and other possible connections between the two.
In each case, by paying close attention to the marginal annotations, some of which were subsequently incorporated into the texts, the authors have uncovered important routes of transmission and intellectual exchange.
Using four copies of the 1907 printing with marginal annotations as a basis, they drew upon Adams's other publications and his numerous contemporary letters to create a modern scholarly edition that they believe comes closer to what he intended when he wrote and annotated his most famous book.
But she focuses mostly elsewhere, on the career of this German university man, jurist, imperial counselor, and bishop, and still more particularly on his presumptive interior life as gleaned from hundreds of marginal annotations found in his surviving books, some hundred manuscripts, and forty incunables.
Marginal annotations reflect concerns at court regarding justice and good and bad rulership and visual updates in costume help to make the text appropriate for the patron of the manuscript, Francois de Rochechouart, and his relationship to the then current French king, Louis XII.