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Much of the marginalia is strictly factual, as in the naming of an unidentified person, or the correction of a figure or date.
Anyone who appreciates old books and has experienced the thrill of discovering centuries-old handwritten marginalia in a copy she was holding would likely agree with Pearson that books' importance extends beyond their content.
This capacity to keep the notes and medieval marginalia in the reader's view along with Lydgate's poetry helps to replicate the effect, if not the look, of a medieval manuscript, and makes the electronic version a valuable supplement to the paper volume.
His introduction, then, sketches out the variety of marginalia that appear in early printed books (from recipes and accounts to learned commentary) and the terminology scholars have used to describe the handwritten marks on the printed page.
Johnson and Grant expand For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise from only the concluding "To the Accuser Who is the God of This World" to the complete text, add Blake's marginalia to Spurzheim's Observations on Insanity, and approximately double the text of Blake's letter to Thomas Butts of 26 April 1803.
George hardly mentions the names of Quintilian or Hermogenes, but if he was hoping to obscure his reliance on them, it did not work, since the marginalia printed in 1538 identify those sources.
The Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (BNP) [Portugal's National Library] holds most of them and it has recently acquired a new notebook, (5) but its archives still lack papers that are in private collections, museums and other archives, not to mention books from Pessoa's personal library, which contain abundant and valuable marginalia.
Jackson's 2005 Romantic Readers: The Evidence of Marginalia provides for the scholar or general reader an ideal introduction to the topic of marginalia.
Marginalia, the first major solo project by Richard Bowers, which r epresents a culmination of many years working within sonic art and music fields.
MARGINALIA is a two-site installation by artist Richard Bowers at Washington Gallery, Penarth and the School of Psychology at Cardiff University.
Marginalia were supplied later to indicate who spoke which lines, and these indications over time were adjusted.
Edgar Hoover, his memoirs consist, as far as history is concerned, in the noxious marginalia he penned on his agents' reports dealing with the Bureau's harassment of Martin Luther King Jr.