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Un factor decisivo para descifrar aquel codigo fue descubrir que, como un puente entre la lectura y la escritura, o mas bien como documento del lazo indisoluble entre el acto de leer y el acto de escribir, la marginalia se trasladaba el margen izquierdo de los manuscritos, como recordatorio de la autoridad de un argumento.
On one representative page, a series of marginalia tracks the Parson's catalogue of sin: "discorde," "betreyinge tru[st]," "Id[le] words," "Jangleinge," "geast[er]s," "ye remedy against ire." (6) Both of these annotators identified and extracted moral guidance from the text, engaging with the book as a source of instruction and a site of Chaucer's own auctoritas.
Theorizing the functions of marginalia, Van Hulle observes that they do not necessarily mirror thoughts, but, drawing on Edgar Allan Poe's essay titled "Marginalia," they represent "not so much a copy of the mind but rather ...
Buchanan was forty years older than Melville, yet there are some interesting parallels between the two men, as is pointed out by Mason in his article on Melville's marginalia in Buchanan's work.
Looks at a Scottish reader's annotations in a medieval French manuscript of Seneca's tragedies and analyses what the marginalia may reveal about early seventeenth century Scottish literary culture.
Pearson is clearly passionate about his topic, and he succeeds in providing an engaging and informative introduction to books as meaningful cultural objects--as not only texts, but also "containers of texts." Significantly, he does so through extensive use of photos of books: he shows the reader how these books matter in ways beyond the words they contain, by letting images of covers, bindings, illustrations, and marginalia prove it.
Marginalia and Marginal Figures in the Romantic Age
The explanatory notes themselves are also generally helpful, but they do have the problem of mixing all of the verses' medieval marginalia among Sponsler's contextual explanations and other supporting material.
Modern technology has allowed the editor to transcribe Hobbes' cancelled passages and an examination of three other texts allowed him to include the marginalia written by John Evelyn, Anthony Wood and the Earl of Danby.
In this eloquent contribution to the history of reading, William Sherman situates the practice of marking in books within the larger field of book history, and he utilizes the handwritten marginalia and annotations in early print editions to discuss broadly the conditions, habits, and perceptions of book use in early modern England.
When Susan and I met to discuss the project, we gravitated toward working on performance versions of her poems "Thorow" and "Melville's Marginalia"--in part because these had been published in French translation.
Marginalia is another of the digital revolution's overrated casualties.