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Christine Pohl, "Hospitality from the Edge: The Significance of Marginality in the Practice of Welcome," Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics (October 1995): 127.
Sociologists have traditionally used the term marginality to describe the experience of being between two cultures.
Marginality as a rhetorical space that interrogates the oneness of ecumenism envisages the manyness of becoming together.
Many of the barriers to participation that fall under the marginality hypothesis (poverty, lack of transportation, never learning how to participate in the types of activities offered, lack of exposure, etc.
It was the singular act of revocation of marginality by seeking office within an ordained hierarchy that constituted an ultimate act of audacity.
These are, in all three films, figures whose marginality is always already mediated by a public all too ready to see them as outsiders.
Maher, however, reminds us that "there is also a Strozzi in Sulivan, though he chooses to live his marginality in a different manner" (173).
Despite, the fact that I interviewed sixteen subjects, only ten respondents provided information that would fit within Weisberger's (1992) marginality schemata.
The program would contribute to the solution of the problem of marginality that affects small rural producers in Western Guatemala.
Marginality now is not to be condemned or transcended, as in narratives of emancipation and liberation; in the name of heterogeneity, the marginal, the fragment, the tangential are to be cherished and celebrated.
Coetzee's The Master of Petersburg--a novel that in its apparent marginality to South Africa's transition has puzzled critics--is returned by Popescu to the challenge not of postcolonialism, but late postcolonialism.
But the memoir itself is, for the most part, a series of lightly told bits of a life narrative, a boulevardier version of a history of constant marginality and displacement recalled in a mix of straight narrative, letters and sections of script-like dialogue.