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MPP was the largest backer of the successful campaigns to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult use in Colorado (2012) and Alaska (2014), and it is supporting efforts to pass similar initiatives in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada in 2016.
This means businesses are responsible for business and occupation (B&O) taxes on marijuana sales, even if the sales are for medical marijuana.
Credit Union Gets Charter to Serve Marijuana Industry : Colorado regulator approves charter for Fourth Corner CU, set to open Jan.
Marijuana Majority Chairman Tom Angell said that the legalisation of marijuana in Washington D.
Even if the legalization law passes, companies will not be mandated to allow the use of medical or recreational marijuana by employees.
Amendment 64 also legalizes the growing of no more than six marijuana plants with three or fewer being mature.
The marijuana movement is swiftly spreading across the United States, and with it comes new jobs and natural relief from health ailments for an abundance of Americans.
For example, marijuana contributes to psychosis and schizophrenia, (1) leads to addiction for one in six children who ever try the drug, (2) and reduces IQ among those who used marijuana regularly before age 18.
The memo spells out eight federal priorities in the field of marijuana law enforcement.
To limit exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke, some states have added marijuana to their smoke-free laws.
Why Do Some People and States Consider Marijuana to Be Medicine?
To that end, we will first discuss the history of marijuana use.