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Pertaining to the relationship of Husband and Wife; having to do with marriage.

Marital agreements are contracts that are entered into by individuals who are about to be married, are already married, or are in the process of ending a marriage. They ordinarily govern the division and ownership of marital property.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

MARITAL. That which belongs to marriage; as marital rights, marital duties.
     2. Contracts made by a feme sole with a view to deprive her intended husband of his marital rights, with respect to her property, are a fraud upon him, and may be set aside in equity. By the marriage, the husband assumes the duty of paying her debts, contracted previous to the coverture, and of supporting her during its existence; and he cannot, therefore, be fraudulently deprived, by the intended wife, of those rights which enable him to perform the duties which attach to him. 2 Cha. R. 42; Newl. Contr. 424; 1 Vern. 408; 2 Vern. 17; 2 P. Wms. 357, 674; 2 Bro. C. C. 345; 1 Ves. jr. 22; 2 Cox, R. 28; 2 Beav. 528; 2 Ch. R. 81; White's. L. C. in Eq. *277; 1 Hill, Ch. R. 1, 4; 13 Maine, R. 124; 1 McMull. Eq. R. 237 3 Iredell's Eq. R. 487; 4 Wash. C. C. R. 224.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Of the more than 100,000 members of The Florida Bar, 276 are currently board certified in marital and family law.
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"Because the parties' interest in the company was marital property that was acquired before the valuation date, the consideration for the sale of the company, which occurred before the dissolution and included an amount paid at the time of the sale and a contractual right to receive future amounts, is also marital property," said the court in an opinion written by Justice Margaret Chutich.
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Dual career couple is relatively new phenomena in Pakistan, though it was conceptualized initially by Rapoport and Rapoport (1969) who described that a pattern of marital relations where both spouses are highly educated, working full time in a demanding job, have a strong identification with and commitment to their work and having high aspirations for upward career mobility (Cherpas, 1985; Haddock et al., 2001; Lucchini et al., 2007).
It is a form of marital pattern in which both marital partners are also professionals and have careers (Rapoport and Rapoport, 1969).
In the pre-test, the participants of both groups filled out the informed consent form, the demographic information questionnaire, and the marital quality scale.
Husband contended that "oral in-court reaffirmation of his $282,000 appraisal at the hearing was the best evidence and the most-timely evidence of [the value of] the marital residence." He also argued that his appraiser relied on more trustworthy comparables than Wife's appraiser, particularly with regard to location.
In further studies, the associations among marital coping efforts used to manage marriage difficulties and marital satisfaction were covered by Cohan and Bradbury (1994) and their findings yielded significant positive relations between marital satisfaction and positive approach.
Through content analysis seven major themes (viz, lack of warmth from in-laws, husbands' detachment, lack of communication among couples, social dilemma, parents' characteristics, and financial difficulties) were identified which were contributing in poor marital relationship of these couples.