marital infidelity

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The RTC granted the Motion and dismissed the case on the ground that the acts complained of, or Ruben's marital infidelity had occurred abroad which is outside the territorial jurisdiction of the Court.
Alternatively, Fife, Weeks, and Stellberg-Filbert (2013) propose an interpersonal model of forgiveness in the treatment of marital infidelity. Recognizing the seriousness of the offense, the traumatic impact on the offended party, and the potential impact of shame and blame on both partners, Fife et al.
The apparent suicide of a farmer's wife draws Barnaby into a case involving witchcraft, potions, marital infidelity and murder.
The husband attributed his marital infidelity to his difficult life as a child.
1 s first tournament in nearly five months, since reports of marital infidelity first surfaced.
It will be his first public appearance since the superstar golfer took an indefinite break from the game in December after admitting marital infidelity.
But whether social networking sites like Facebook are the instigators, or merely the facilitators of marital infidelity is open to debate.
Social networking sites such as Facebook are one of the new major causes of marital infidelity, according to a study issued by the National Center for Social and Criminological Research.
Muslims using such sites must be considered "sinners" said the religious edict's author, Sheikh Abdel Hamid Al-Atrash, claiming that statistics show that divorce rates have risen since the advent of Facebook and that the social networking tool has sharply increased marital infidelity.
He has since admitted to "transgressions" that apparently addressed allegations of marital infidelity.
Having witnessed the fiery death of his first wife and one of their daughters, the narrator is mainly obsessed by the fact that his wife had just learned about his marital infidelity. His remaining daughter will continually blame him for this betrayal, and will go through a period of drug addiction before becoming a famous actress.
Speculation abounded that Sanford was positioning himself for a presidential run in 2012, until his recent admission of marital infidelity all but closed the door on that prospect.