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Results from NexMed's first Phase 2 study of Femprox(r) were published in the October-December 2003 issue of Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (Volume 29, Number 5), one of the leading peer- reviewed specialty medical journals.
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In some cases one of the partners makes the possible improvement of marital relationship conditional on marital therapy.
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But there is hope for all couples in a crisis, the report found - they may benefit from marital therapy.
is a professor at the University of Las Vegas and is the author of numerous books on sex and marital therapy.
It remains possible that treatment methods not included in Project MATCH, such as group or marital therapy, work especially well for certain types of alcoholics, Connors notes.
But while the claim is undoubtedly exaggerated, a body of solid research--from the 1985 National Family Violence Survey sponsored by the National Institute for Mental Health to a number of studies conducted in communities and in marital therapy clinics--supports the view that female violence is a major part of the problem.