mark of Cain

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The mark of Cain that Jews bear is precisely their loyalty to their traditions.
But Ian had much more to cope with playing Marc 'Treacle' Tate - a squaddie sent to Iraq - in The Mark of Cain.
The line in which the reference appears also conflates Christians and Negroes, making the mark of Cain a reference to any who are unredeemed.
Such an anodyne reading makes it possible for Tusken to see virtually all of Hesse's later protagonists as also bearing the mark of Cain without making explicit the differences between them and Cain, as revalued through the doctrine of Der Antichrist.
36) Control of bodily instability was a Renaissance rule of manners, reflecting ancient equations of shaking with insanity or evil, reverting to spasms as the mark of Cain.
His father's refusal to enlist in the army during the Civil War remained a mark of Cain on him, something he had to expunge from his psyche.
That is to say that if Iraq is deemed to have violated any resolution at any time any other member is automatically authorized to bomb or invade it - as though it is subjected to a permanent mark of Cain.
If we like immigrants, we have to take this mark of Cain off them, that people think that they're on welfare.
For example, the Mark of Cain merits two entries: One under "Cain" with a paraphrase of the Cain story in Genesis, and one under "Cain, Mark of" with the appropriate biblical quote.
And when the Kahan Commission rendered its verdict that Sharon bore "indirect responsibility" for the massacre and suggested that Begin fire him, Sharon warned, "If you accept the conclusions of the Kahan Commission, you will be branding the mark of Cain on the foreheads of the Jewish people and on the State of Israel with your own hands.
Courtesy of Harvard University's Marshall Goldman we learned that "because of the large birthmark on his forehead, it was whispered that Gorbachev had been cursed by the devil and branded with the mark of Cain.