mark of honor

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He completed a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a Mathematics Subsidiary from Delhi University in India (where he received the Mark of Honor award - one of just three recipients in the school's 100-year history).
Air New Zealand and SIA, in the meantime, have decided to cancel their celebratory party, which is slated for this evening to commemorate the launch of their alliance, as a mark of honor to the victims of the AirAsia Indonesia tragedy.
A country's flag is a mark of honor and nobody is allowed to violate it in any case.
In Latvia, it was a mark of honor to be a member, and conferred benefits.
Fitzgerald considers it a mark of honor to provide medical care for friends.
Because military service became a mark of honor, the uniform itself occasionally became a force for uniting soldiers of different races.
4-liter World Engine inside the Compass can also be configured with 4x4 Freedom Drive that earns Jeep's Trail Rated badge-a mark of honor you certainly will not find on a sedan of any size.
Its three young actresses give it their all, and its stern refusal to simplistically sum up knotty moral and emotional dilemmas is a mark of honor amid the current flood of idiotic (or, in ``crazy/beautiful's'' PG-13 rated case, cowardly) teen movies.