mark of identity

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After completing his degree with distinction, however; the love for landscape and Ravi River became his mark of identity. By 1998, Mughees started to participate in group-shows and since then, he had been displaying his work regularly in the exhibitions of the Artists' Association of Punjab.
A passenger can create their 'Digi Yatra identity' using a valid identification proof, including voter card, driving license, Aadhaar card, while booking a ticket and then their face will be used as a mark of identity and boarding pass.
Preyesh adds: The school uniform is a mark of identity, almost like the colours of football teams.
The idea of tattoos as a reminder and mark of identity is nothing new.
Now they are a symbol of style and a mark of identity.
Madame Rosa tries to justify her mistake by making reference to an essential mark of identity that both religions believe sets them apart from others: "J'ai fait une erreur identique ...
Of course, it's possible that Berry's worldview is idiosyncratic, not a widely shared mark of identity. But there are hints of a broader uneasiness with the ambitions of synthetic biology.
Since portraits can be the most deceptive mark of identity, Foula started to collect passport-size photos as part of his ongoing research on stereotypical Egyptian features.
There are those who keep it as a mark of identity, or even an assertion.
In the early 1950s Steinberg began playing with another crucial mark of identity: the fingerprint.
"[T]he CMA is a fine additional mark of identity that I would like to see go to an increasing number of accountants in industry."
Despite the scarcity of sources for interpreting these problems, students of the Neolithic period can state that eating "gradually became a key element of group structure, a mark of identity, and a symbolic means of expressing thought." (22) By the time of the Second Dynasty in Egypt it is possible to talk about types of food, methods of preparation, banquets, dining rooms, kitchen help, and the relationship between social groups and food.