mark of shame

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I must bear this mark of shame upon my forehead until the Judgement Day.
Coupled with that long history, Silicon Valley has a world class university in Stanford, loads of talented engineers and a culture of risk-taking where a couple of failures are a badge of honour for an entrepreneur rather than a mark of shame.
People need to realize that these are medical disorders," Karam said, explaining that a mental health condition should be viewed in the same manner as a physical health condition, rather than a mark of shame that defines a person.
This can go into a more detailed discussion as to what happened few months ago in New Delhi, (with regard to a tiger attack) and how zoos are just a mark of shame on how we have evolved as humans.
Bedroom tax campaigner Tommy Sheridan said: "So many of the victims were already poor and have been driven further into debt and despair, which is a mark of shame for this bunch of Coalition space cadets.
The spiralling number of food banks across Britain should be a mark of shame for this Government.
CAIRO, Aug 17 (KUNA) -- The Egyptian government described in a statement on Saturday the aggressive and devastating acts of violence perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood yesterday as a mark of shame in the history of this group.
We call on regional and international countries that fuel the conflict by incentives and sending weapons to stop their heinous acts, which are a mark of shame for humanity.
He said that Al-Nakba is a mark of shame on humanity and a symbol of dehumanization, reiterating Syria's support for the Palestinian people in their efforts to reclaim their rights, while some Arab countries are too busy selling Palestine.
This confirms that the movement is losing the spirit of the 1955 Bandung Conference and causing the emergence of a mark of shame on the forehead of Iran and its allies.
He commented on the order to wear a yellow star: "It's not those who today wear stars, / under my own I bear the scars; / my country's yellow mark of shame.
Food banks and US-style welfare are booming I know many in the retail trade feel a warm glow about this, but it's actually a mark of shame.