mark time

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He signed a contract for Mayweather - but the champion did not, leaving Khan to mark time on Mayweather's next undercard against the dangerous New Yorker Luis Collazo, who lost to Ricky Hatton eight years ago, the report added.
It is simple to create a closed chain of words such as GROUND WATER MARK TIME PIECE WORK HORSE PLAY in which each pair of adjacent words (including the last and the first) form a familiar two-word formation.
"The new law should be achieved imminently because it is no one's benefit to mark time", the MP asserted.
Progress on the giant Mmamabula thermal power station in southeastern Botswana is being forced to mark time while Eskom, South African power utility and the major buyer of the planned 3500KW coal-fired electricity output, finalises its funding model with the South African government.
That leaves Haye with a summer date spare and the O2 Arena, with whom he has a promotional deal, left to fill at a time when the credit crunch is biting and there are precious few ticket- selling heavyweights to mark time against.