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n. 1) an "X" made by a person who is illiterate or too weak to sign his/her full name, used in the expression "His Mark," or "Her Mark." On the rare occasion that this occurs, the "X" should be within or next to a notation such as "Theresa Testator, her mark." If the mark is intended as a signature to a will it should be formally witnessed (as signatures are) to make the will valid. (See: will)

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MARK. This term has several acceptations. 1. It is a sign traced on paper or parchment, which stands in the place of a signature, usually made by persons who cannot write. 2 Cart. R. 324; M. & M. 516; 12 Pet. 150; 7 Bing. 457; 2 Ves. 455; 1 V. & B. 362; 1 Ves., jr. 11. A mark is now held to be a good signature, though the party was able to write. 8 Ad. & El. 94; 3 Nev. & Per. 228; 3 Curt. 752; 5 John. 144. Vide Subscription.
     2.-2. It is the sign, writing or ticket put upon manufactured goods to distinguish them from others. Poph. R. 144; 3 B & C. 541; 2 Atk. R. 485; 2 V. & B. 218; 3 M. & C. 1; Ed. Inj. 814. Vide Trade Marks.
     3.-3. Mark or marc, denotes a weight used in several parts of Europe, and for several commodities, especially gold and silver. When gold and silver are sold by the mark, it is divided into twenty-four carats.
     4.-4. Mark is also in England a money of accounts, and in some other countries a coin. The English marc is two-thirds of a pound sterling, or 13s. 4d., and the Scotch mark is of equal value in Scotch money of account. Ency. Amer. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"An action that has been marked off the trial calendar, whether by consent of the parties or stricken by the court, which is not restored to the calendar within one year, may only be restored thereafter if the plaintiff demonstrates, inter alia, a meritorious cause of action and a reasonable excuse for the delay in moving to restore the case (see Kaufman v Bauer, 8 Misc 3d 60 [App Term, 1st Dept 2005], revd on other grounds 36 AD3d 481 [2007]; see generally Uniform Rules for Trial Courts [22 NYCRR] [section] 208.14 [c]; Goldstein v Block, 7 AD3d 669 [2004]).
Even at the cocktail gathering outside, before the event, one dot-com set up camp in a corner of the plaza outside the Biltmore Hotel, and the other marked off territory in another corner.
Chrysler attaches the silver fascia and grill before the car is shipped to Michigan where parts are disassembled, the blue areas are marked off and the bright silver paint is applied.
Phase one is marked off at 48 lots, ranging in price from $50,000 to $90,000.
As you go, put a Post-it note or a piece of tape on each device as it's marked off. Test both outlets of duplex receptacles (upper and lower) because they may be on separate circuits.