marked price

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It should come as no surprise that a flurry of the programmes have found their way on to eBay, with asking prices set around PS25, as opposed to the PS4 marked price.
Also this weekend there is 10 per cent off marked price on ALL fragrance until Sunday.
Grocer editor Adam Leyland said: "With money tight for many of us, Asda ticks the box marked price.
uk We also offer Coventry Evening Telegraph readers the chance to gain ten per cent off the marked price by quoting CET/GALA as the reference when booking.
That is - 8% discount on marked price and a minimum guaranteed gain of 25% over 4 years.
As far as I know, in countries such as the UK, when an item is marked a certain price, the customer is entitled to purchase the item at the marked price.
Alistair Laws, Northern Rock's chief valuer, said: "The traditional hotspots, particularly Jesmond and Gosforth, and coastal towns in North Tyneside, continue to show marked price increases.
There were more marked price declines in the Netherlands (-4.
Market weakness was driven by marked price deflation," Woolies boss Trevor Bish-Jones said.
Half-price bikini offerThis voucher entitles the bearer to 50% off the marked price of any bikini at Internacionale.