marked superiority

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The court added that while a marked superiority in an expected property may be enough in some circumstances to render a compound patentable, a mere difference in degree is insufficient, and differences in degree of a known and expected property are not as persuasive in rebutting obviousness as differences in kind.
Its marked superiority compared to the original could be seen as an accurate reflection of the company's improving fortunes too.
Without doubt they showed marked superiority over their opponents.
England and France had a marked superiority over the southern hemisphere countries in the scrum and line-out during the World Cup and there is a danger that the likes of New Zealand and Australia will be looking to reduce their importance.
A victory by three clear goals indicates a marked superiority, yet City might have registered a halfdozen goals without being flattered by the result.
She has a marked superiority in the first-serve department (top speed 121mph, average 102mph against Tauziat), is significantly more mobile and she is entitled to be as short as 4-7.
Too many assumptions are made, usually on the basis of TV highlights, about the marked superiority of the game down south to our own SPL but while that once almost went without saying that's no longer the case.