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In a statement they said: "It decreased from 579 to 168, with performance improving markedly at the Ulster Hospital, from 286 to 21.
Business investment seems set to be markedly weaker in 2008 in the face of tight lending conditions, softer final demand, weakening profitability and lower business confidence reflecting heightened concerns and uncertainties over the economic outlook.
Although Manhattan property had appreciated markedly in that time, some brokers and investors concluded that the building's jump in value could also be credited in part to a cushy sale price.
Violence in recent years has decreased markedly in most urban areas, including Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla, and Cartagena," says the U.
The SynchroMed system markedly reduces severe spasticity.
Both eyelids were markedly swollen and erythematous, and a yellow, purulent discharge was noted bilaterally.
In some cases, human metabolism can differ markedly from animals so that a drug with a half life of a few hours in dogs may turn out to have a half life of several days in humans, or a compound with no animal toxicity may cause elevation in liver functions or a prolongation of QT interval in humans.
Nevertheless, any particular scoring method has its weaknesses, and we agree that it would be useful to know whether our results change markedly by incorporating information about zero scores.
But many savvy technology executives have realized that bringing critical disaster recovery and business continuity functionality in-house is significantly more effective and often markedly less expensive than the traditional approach of outsourcing disaster recovery to a hotsite.
However, such a reduction in front tire size would markedly increase tire contact pressure.
In the news release, Phosphate Resource Partners Limited Partnership Reports 2003 Third Quarter Results, issued earlier today by Phosphate Resource Partners Limited Partnership over PR Newswire, the sixth paragraph should read "PLP's share in the losses of IMC Phosphates for the third quarter improved markedly from the second quarter of 2003 primarily due to easing raw material costs and improved operating costs" rather than "PLP's share in the losses of IMC Phosphates for the third quarter improved markedly from the second quarter of 2003 primarily due to easing raw material costs" as incorrectly transmitted by PR Newswire.
Apart from the Castillan production of Bernardino Montana de Monserrate markedly medieval and Arabic oriented, the other Works evidence some common characteristics: the rejection of latinized Arabic and medieval terms (or, for the latter, their acceptance, but with comments on their barbarian nature), the acceptance of Greek transliterated terms (even when there was a good Latin equivalent), and, sometimes, also the use of vulgar terms.