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Markedness is a context-specific phenomenon that can only be determined by comparing the status of languages within a particular social domain.
As already mentioned, Croft's model is centred around the notion of morpho-syntactic markedness.
Such counterexamples enabled me to build scales of markedness, and account for certain stylistic effects in a principled manner.
However, according to Aristar, this particular hierarchy only applies to the structural use of case, the animacy hierarchy really being a markedness hierarchy for predicate arguments.
This has been done by looking at the interplay between faithfulness and markedness in the syllable repair process.
Brone and Feyaerts (2004) also analyze some humorous stories and cartoons in the same metonymical spirit and conclude that many humorous items can be explained through prototypicality, salience and markedness that is they do not require a substantial departure from the linguistic level of analysis.
The translation of style: Linguistic markedness and textual evaluativeness.
As Dyer explains, "[this desire] is the felt connection between gays and ethnic minorities, as much as romantic and sexual encounters with non-white men" (6)--the idea of a shared condition of markedness in relation to heteronormative whiteness, rather than the fact of any sexual encounter itself--that overrides other considerations of transgression or taboo.
Elaine does not love Lancelot in spite of his markedness, as the line initially suggests (i.
1986) Markedness, discoursal modes, and relative clause formation in a formal and an informal context.
a fixed initial state S0 of thelanguage faculty consisting of a system of principles associated with certain parameters of variation and a markedness system with several components of its own.
Salsa y Control: Codeswitching in Nuyorican and Chicano Poetry, Markedness and Stylistics.