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It may be sensible to first perform a randomized cross-sectional comparative study using the physicians' therapeutic decision as outcome, particularly when there is a long time between use of the marker or model and patient outcome or when outcomes are relatively rare (14).
Considering these results in light of the potential methodological limitations of these studies, one might fairly suggest that uncertainty exists about the capability of "standard" kinematic models, such as the Helen Hayes (HH) marker set [8] to accurately capture motion of the ankle in shod or shod plus device conditions for this group of persons with amputation.
Gruenberg notes that electronic markers are rugged, and because they require no external power source, they function indefinitely, and give a very precise rather than a general indication of marker location.
The preferred measurement the biological markers of pyridinolines are in twenty-four (24) hours urine collections Dpd is the bone marker of choice for bone resorption.
WHAT YOU NEED * blank GL calendar * way to laminate your calendar * dry-erase marker * ribbon * glue * tape
On a paved surface, the marker will be flush mounted.
He uses Chinese herbal medicines in addition to drugs for biochemical-modulation and apoptosis-inducing and cancer-vessel treatment, as well as sophisticated methods of applying tumor marker combination assay, heat therapy and immunology.
These animals steal the spotted cats' fresh kills for an easy meal, says Laurie Marker, a zoologist and the founder and executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
The objective of this study was to analyze the effect of non-unique marker on marker-assisted introgression efficiency to compare the effects of the flanking markers selection and MBLUP selection on marker-assisted introgression efficiency, and to provide the reference for implementing marker-assisted introgression in practice.
com)-- How many time have you gone to use a marker only to find out it has dried up because someone left the cap off?
The method this article will focus on is known as position marker tracking.