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It is rapidly and strongly induced by estrogens; therefore, we selected pS2 as one of the marker genes.
6] desaturase, followed by elimination of the marker gene T-DNA in segregating progeny.
We're using marker genes as part of our breeding program to help us find which `wild' sugar beet genes to reintroduce into domesticated varieties," says McGrath.
In 10 other original subjects, investigations had analyzed only one of the two marker genes.
1999) reported that although two of three of their lines exhibited silencing of marker genes (uidA in one, and both uidA and bar in another), expression of the HMW-glutenin genes in these same lines was stable over three generations.
5] Moreover; at least one marker gene in use has been found to confer cross-resistance to other commonly used antibiotics, and relatively common mutations in marker genes resistant to antiquated antibiotics can also lead to cross-resistance, to currently useful antibiotics, making a marke r that is presumed safe into a more risky one.
Chi-square analysis was performed by the Statistical Analysis System (SAS Institute, 1992) to test if the genetic segregation ratios of marker genes fit the disomic (D) ratio (3:1) or a trisomic (T) ratio (17:1).
According to the Committee, there is presently no evidence that antibiotic resistance marker genes have been transmitted from genetically-modified plants to micro-organisms.
Widespread use of antibiotic resistance marker genes could contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistance.
Unlike tests used to detect some other marker genes, the assay for cah does not require hazardous chemicals.
Since the fungicidal bacteria have had marker genes inserted, it should be easy to correlate plant survival with the presence or absence of the fungus-killing bacteria.
The labeled nucleic acid samples are denatured and hybridized with probes for the detection of sequence of the target marker genes for the infectious agents.