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James Chrismas Detectamet's MD explained, "A few months ago a technical manager in a large abattoir tried our one piece retractable marker for permanent writing on boxes to help prevent marker pen caps from disappearing in his company's products.
Also noted was whether an arrow was used to mark the surgical site, and the use of an indelible marker pen.
In Simon Parish's hand, the humble marker pen is a brilliant artist's tool, as David Whetstone reports.
As reported in the Echo last month, Carr, 23, of Corporation Road, Grangetown used marker pens to daub her Spanish signature tags, 'rojo' meaning red and 'muchacha' meaning woman on 11 premises in Cardiff city centre in the space of one day.
Even fundamental packing items and other accessories which are easily forgotten such as wrapping paper, bubblewrap, packing tape, contents labels and marker pens are all available as well as a check list to remind customers about the various tasks required when moving.
Security marker pens to postcode property will also be given out, supplied by the Single Regeneration Project.
Each week, the function room at the club is filled with determined bingo fanatics armed with marker pens, lucky charms and quick wit.
That may seem an unlikely goal for a man who sits down to an interview with a pad and three different colors of marker pens, constantly filling pages with graphs and diagrams--until you notice his faithfulness to the cause, that is: he's using both sides of every sheet.
The students who gathered at the site of the crash wrote hundreds of messages with crayons and marker pens on sidewalks and the fences around the nearby freeway.
Both dry marker pens and chalk glide across the new surface with minimal friction, minimal marker wear and maximum coverage, while maintaining all the benefits of a traditional Alliance Ceramicsteel writing surface: magnetic, scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, and wear resistant.
Jell, of Hawkhurst, Kent, was banned from writing his abusive messages and told he could face jail if caught carrying "spray paint or felttip marker pens in public".
OVER the last few weeks, we have been helped in the distribution of over 1,500 anti-crime light timers and property marker pens.