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The white glossy surface - which is simply painted on to the wall - can then be scribbled on with an erasable marker pen and wiped clean again and again.
The police were also there to hand out leaflets and free marker pens foryour property, another group handed out two low energy light bulbs.
Simon Parish wrestled with oil paints on big canvases but is now attracting attention by making pictures with marker pens.
Well, I would advise you to throw away all your indelible marker pens as all spirit-based ink fades with time.
Property marker pens have also been handed out to 4,700 students as a proactive crime prevention measure.
The students who gathered at the site of the crash wrote hundreds of messages with crayons and marker pens on sidewalks and the fences around the nearby freeway.
DAVID Beckham has been signed up to a big-money deal - to promote marker pens.
POLICE will be handing out thousands of ultraviolet marker pens at fun days across Solihull as part of a crime crackdown.
Officers with ultra violet marker pens and lights will be on hand at all stations to security mark luggage.
Police also advise protecting property with UV marker pens.
AI USE plastic labels, preferably the shorter ones as I find these are less inclined to get in the way of propagator lids and write on them using either one of the black garden marker pens or - my personal favourite - a pen sold for writing on freezer bags.
They will provide ultraviolet marker pens to permanently mark phones with a postcode in the main foyer on Wednesday.