market place

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They want to see the Market Place given a facelift, but one which is in keeping with the historic surroundings.
Market Place Media can put client messages or products -- including samples, coupons, or literature -- directly into students' hands through teachers via a network of qualified schools.
Guide dog owner David Wilkinson, from Newton Hall, Durham, said: "The Market Place is even more cluttered than it was before the work was carried out.
Dealer Market Place strives to aid its members in obtaining the greatest discount on day-to-day items needed to run a business efficiently, and also to offer profit generating items that improve their bottom-line and operating efficiency.
I question the need to use the Market Place as a public space, an area for entertainment.
Historically, Blyth's Market Place was a hub of activity and the focal point for shopping, business and trade in the town.
Today's market place was sponsored by aerospace giants McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, Rockwell International and Northrop Grumman.
In 1923, Neptune was removed to Wharton Park where he remained for many years until his return to the Market Place in 1991 thanks to a successful fundraising campaign led by the City of Durham Trust.
The rebuilding of the market place using the highest quality design and materials is a major part of our plans to improve the town altogether.
McAfee Associates, a California-based software producer, has given Computer Market Place permission to supply both SCAN and CLEAN-UP to the public for a five-day period.
A report to a meeting of Northumberland County Council next week admits further discussions are necessary to tackle an anomaly surrounding parking in Alnwick's Market Place.
A MARKET place makeover to transform a town is under way.