market place

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Above: A pen and ink drawing (artist unknown) of Market Place, in the late 1800s; right, a photo of the area in the late 1800s; and, below, images of Market Place as it is today, ripe for a sympathetic revamp
S Carter, of Road Side, Netherton, told the paper a gentleman had told him of the existence of an underground passage or tunnel running from the Market Place, along under the Imperial Hotel and all the way to a house in Chapel Hill.
This offered its main facades to north and west, and if it was to remain it needed to be left some breathing space, suggesting a prolongation of the market place to the south-west.
com is building and managing a global B2B Internet market place for small business.
Publishing Market Place Reference PLUS will be updated annually and runs on an MS-DOS platform.
We're hoping visitors to Durham Market Place this coming Saturday will enjoy the entertainment, and also dig deep to support our local hospice.
To set the scene, there will be WWII jeeps, and a WWII Dodge weapons carrier in the Market Place, and period re-enactors from Yesterday's Heroes local living history group in American infantry and US Naval uniforms.
But the Market Place scheme was not imposed on them - a full consultation was carried out.
The decision to restrict numbers in the Market Place between 8am and 10am on June 17 has been taken to ensure the safety and comfort of both the crowds and people involved in the Olympic torch relay.
The car came to a rest against a seat in the market place and its front end suffered substantial damage.