market price

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This variable is calculated by the total paid amount of cash dividend divided by the average market price of the shares.
Exercising the options makes sense only if the market price of the stock is more than the grant price.
The interest in ESOPs did not last long as the gains depended on the market prices of the shares.
The General Court also held that the Commission correctly took the view that there was no economic continuity between Alitalia and CAI and that the latter did not benefit from any advantage, since all measures had been taken to ensure that the sale took place at a price not lower than the market price. Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia welcomed, at a press briefing on 28 March, that the "General Court upheld the Commission's analysis".
24, 2011 (CENS) -- The government will compensate landlords according to the market prices of their land expropriated for public construction projects, instead of a markup on the government-assessed current value of the land, according to draft revisions to the statute for land expropriation, scheduled to be approved by the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) tomorrow (Aug.
Using Regression Azhagaiah and Sabaripariya proved significant impact of dividend policy on stock holders' wealth in Indian companies and also they concluded that there is a significant difference between market price per share of dividend-paying companies and of non-dividend paying companies (Azhagaiah and Sabaripariya, 2008).
Rouyanian did not say how much free market price for gasoline would be but some newspapers have suggested a price of 5,000 rials per liter.
It should indeed have read: 'Look for a cost basis greater than today's market price.' Good catch, Liz."
These models suggest that factors such as the rate of impatience by various parties, the seizure technology of the creditors, and the importance of future credit markets to the debtors affect the secondary market price of debt (Bulow and Rogoff 1988; Eaton and Gersovitz 1987; Fernandez and Rosenthal 1990).
'The market price of the top quality super cornell rice is Dh200-210, however, the government has fixed it at Dh140, which makes it uneconomic for us to import,' said a member of Foodstuff Trading Group which represents the trade, requesting anonymity, accoring to the report.
But the spot market price for this grade this week has been slightly lower than that.
The secondary market price for less developed countries' (LDC) debt is a good proxy for perceived success of debt management.