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Market Analysis for Real Estate presents market analysis as an integrated process and demonstrates how market and marketability techniques are applied to actual situations that appraisers encounter in performing valuations and complex, stand-alone market studies.
If Senior makes no further gifts and dies with his reduced ownership interest of 40%, his estate can claim the minority interest and lack of marketability discounts against his remaining shares.
16) If this relative lack of marketability is factored into determining the value of shares of a minority interest in a closely held corporation, the value of those shares can be reduced by an additional 35 to 50 percent.
The Second and Ninth Circuits have held that the lack of marketability of remaining lottery prize payments may justify the use of a valuation method other than the Sec.
On the basis of historical studies of restricted stock transactions involving public securities, many appraisers have agreed, based on benchmark analysis, that the appropriate marketability discount is approximately 35%.
We argue that the wealth increase results from the increased marketability of firm shares.
Lifestyle needs influence your marketability more than you might think.
Your marketability and earning potential will increase exponentially--at another company, if not with your current employer.
The reception from the connectivity community is a mixed one: given IP is extremely robust in conjunction with Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet companies can look forward to increased marketability.
During the past two decades, private providers and hotel companies headed into the retirement facilities market and, influenced by the hospitality sector, upped the ante on design and marketability.
That is why cost-efficiency and marketability are increasingly important factors influencing the purchase of nursing home bathing equipment.
The lack of this power and its effect on marketability is the justification for the minority discount.