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MARKET. A public place appointed by public authority, where all sorts of things necessary for the subsistence, or for the conveniences of life, are sold.
     2. Markets are generally regulated by local laws.
     3. By the term market is also understood the demand there is for any particular article; as, the cotton market in Europe is dull. Vide 15 Vin. Ab. 42; Com. Dig. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Total and marketable yield increased by about 5.74 and 4.06 ton respectively at the application of nitrogen at the rate of 69 kg ha-1.
The BSP's ability to float its own bonds which are negotiable and marketable, will become a "critical element" in the deepening of the capital market, said Guinigundo.
Spring Bank anticipates that its existing cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities will enable it to fund its operating expenses and capital expenditure requirements into the first quarter of 2020, including the funding of the initiation of our anticipated Phase 2b/3 program for inarigivir in early 2019.
The evaluated production variables were marketable yield bulbs with diameter greater than 35 mm (t [ha.sup.-1]), mean diameter of marketable bulbs (mm) and percentage of bulbs in the classes established by CEAGESP (2001) (Table 2).
Since immediately disposing of a nonmarketable financial instrument can be challenging, its forced sale or liquidation value would likely differ Horn that of an otherwise identical marketable counterpart.
Sixty-eight percent of endowments and foundations polled by NEPC in July reported that more than 10% of their portfolios were allocated to marketable alternatives, including hedge funds.
The residual variance was lower than the genetic (additive and dominance) variance in the percentages of both marketable and carpelloid fruits.
Application of different fertilizer sources on sweet corn had no significant results on its height, number of ears, length and diameter of ears, total years, marketable and non-marketable ears.
First, it would all allow investment-grade, liquid, and readily marketable general obligation bonds to be classified as HQLA, but not revenue bonds.
He also said that production facilities with capacity of 30 billion cubic meters of marketable gas per year have been commissioned to date, the second phase of the gas field development with a similar capacity was launched in 2014, and the third phase of the Galkynysh gas field development with capacity of 35 billion cubic meters of marketable gas per year is expected to start at late 2015.
Karachi -- Mahendra Singh Dhoni may have given up the Test captaincy but his presence in the shorter format of the games continues to make him one of the most marketable athletes in the world.