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Figure 19: Factors influencing the threat of substitutes in the management & marketing consultancy market in Asia-Pacific, 2011 34
Our market research assisted in the development and support of our channel marketing approach," says Chuck Benson, manager of market research for U.
Republic Bank's board of directors was found actively to support the Bank's CRA programs and to oversee them effectively, and examiners deemed satisfactory Republic Bank's marketing efforts to inform its communities of available credit products and services.
Historically, the primary responsibility of sales and marketing people in our industry has been to generate volume.
Steve Monson, senior marketing research manager, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
According to its study, "Ethnic Marketing in Financial Services: 2001-2002," ethnic markets account for a significant proportion of the total market for insurance and banking products.
Defining a target market and determining a marketing strategy to reach people who will react positively to your product are better tactics.
If marketing provides tools that will assist libraries in their attempt to define themselves and their roles, why have librarians and governing authorities been slow to adopt the strategies of modern marketing despite the initial enthusiasm exhibited within the profession?
The use of market research in the strategic marketing process provides an organization with a solid foundation of information from which to develop informed and well-integrated marketing strategies.
Foundry managers have now come to realize that marketing means much more than selling.
Add weight to presentations and marketing materials