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Although the market research department is part of the marketing group, it supplies expertise to almost every department in the company.
In addition, financial-services companies that take a holistic approach to ethnic marketing and create well-structured programs will have the greatest success, said Brendan Ford, a Datamonitor analyst.
By staying informed of current trends and issues, you can focus your marketing process.
The second reason for the failure of library organizations to adopt marketing theory may be more a matter of failing to recognize marketing than a rejection of the theory or the practical application of that theory.
For ease in implementation and the greatest likelihood of success, marketing strategies should comprise both external objectives - marketing - and internal objectives - operations.
Frequently, he exercised a sound marketing approach, without really realizing it.
Ozimkiewicz: I manage the marketing strategy and tactical plans for all of Monsanto's U.
Against this framework, what is clearly needed in most foundries with sales above $8-10 million is another level of responsibility: the marketing manager.
Our market research assisted in the development and support of our channel marketing approach," says Chuck Benson, manager of market research for U.