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n. 1) an "X" made by a person who is illiterate or too weak to sign his/her full name, used in the expression "His Mark," or "Her Mark." On the rare occasion that this occurs, the "X" should be within or next to a notation such as "Theresa Testator, her mark." If the mark is intended as a signature to a will it should be formally witnessed (as signatures are) to make the will valid. (See: will)

MARK. This term has several acceptations. 1. It is a sign traced on paper or parchment, which stands in the place of a signature, usually made by persons who cannot write. 2 Cart. R. 324; M. & M. 516; 12 Pet. 150; 7 Bing. 457; 2 Ves. 455; 1 V. & B. 362; 1 Ves., jr. 11. A mark is now held to be a good signature, though the party was able to write. 8 Ad. & El. 94; 3 Nev. & Per. 228; 3 Curt. 752; 5 John. 144. Vide Subscription.
     2.-2. It is the sign, writing or ticket put upon manufactured goods to distinguish them from others. Poph. R. 144; 3 B & C. 541; 2 Atk. R. 485; 2 V. & B. 218; 3 M. & C. 1; Ed. Inj. 814. Vide Trade Marks.
     3.-3. Mark or marc, denotes a weight used in several parts of Europe, and for several commodities, especially gold and silver. When gold and silver are sold by the mark, it is divided into twenty-four carats.
     4.-4. Mark is also in England a money of accounts, and in some other countries a coin. The English marc is two-thirds of a pound sterling, or 13s. 4d., and the Scotch mark is of equal value in Scotch money of account. Ency. Amer. h.t.

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Last year, KCSE exam results were released on December 20.Chief examiners arrived in Nairobi last week to lay the ground for marking of the examinations.The examiners will mark scripts for the 664,585 candidates in 19 examination marking centres in Nairobi and its environs.
This three stage marking process, combined with the patented vision system, ensures process reliability, as well as zero-defect markings.
Razor-sharp man-to-man marking is needed and each defender must stay with his man.
* Since 16 Sep 2005, authorities at domestic and foreign ports and air terminals can refuse to forward shipments that use wood packaging materials lacking the proper certification markings. They'll return those shipments to port or terminal of origin.
Marking uncured rubber extrusions--the challenge While advancements in product marking and tracking have been introduced to various areas of the manufacturing process, the marking of uncured stock, extruded tread and calendered products, in particular, has remained unchanged for decades.
Behaviorists try to determine the motivation and triggers for marking. By adjusting motivation and reducing the response to stressors, we can then reduce the frequency and intensity of indoor marking.
Krylon Industrial additionally offers Mine Marking paints, providing high-visibility colors that overcome the exceptional darkness and distance factors in mining, underground utility, construction, and excavation applications.
Following the presentations, LeAntha Sumpter, program manager for UID, provided a roadmap of the next steps for UID, including developing a policy for the marking of legacy items, marking items with virtual UIIs and incorporating them into the registry, and integrating UII with real property UIDs.
Consisting of a computer control center with data input terminal, the SP-Round Marker features a dot-matrix marking head with 5" x 7", 7" x 9", and 13" x 17" dot patterns, two DC linear actuators which provide X and Y motion, and an indexing/fixture table top.
For Wheatley and her "various subjects," the unconditional duty to mourn becomes the American equivalent to pietas or arete in her "epic," marking participation in "American-ness." For Wheatley, to become "American" is to respond to the call to mourn and respect the other's "remains."
For graffiti is a medium of marking that has precise, and unmistakable, characteristics.
A lot of aspersions have been levelled against the marking process.Marking is a process with distinct stages of pre-marking, marking and post-marking.