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Some of the finest Dutch items were the mid 18th century marquetry presses.
This was not just furniture made for the wealthy using the finest woods and marquetry artists available, there were certain other things which made Roentgen furniture astonishing, thus arousing the interest of the great European courts in France, Austria, Germany and Russia, (where Catherine the Great was always on the lookout for quality or novelty or both).
Below, a Louis XV style gilt bronze mounted kingwood and marquetry commode which is probably Linke
Several years ago, Gordin added a new technique to his repertoire, with works in marquetry, the ancient technique of applying thin pieces of wood to form a design--constructing an image in its most literal sense.
The iconic Linley Helix motif has been taken from the distinctive Linley Helix Furniture Collection and has been set, using the highly specialised skill of marquetry inlay, into the waist-rails and picnic table of the Flying Spurs.
And a one-twelfth scale marquetry wardrobe, by model-maker Chris Malcolmson, also on show at Miniatura, recently sold for a staggering pounds 4,000.
c/o Daily Post Features, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB Answer: Mid-Victorian burr Walnut games and sewing table of serpentine form, with foliate marquetry inlay, the hinged top opening to chess and backgammon boards, at auction pounds 350/pounds 450.
There is also an amaranth, tulipwood and kingwood marquetry commode and a lacquer desk based on a model by Nicolas Pierre Sverin now in the Louvre.
He enjoyed dancing, music, traveling and marquetry.
The inlay and marquetry, inspired by the traditional, vibrant colours of an Arabian camel harness, were hand-crafted at Rolls-Royce's Goodwood plant, the statement added.
The sleeping cars provide 16 twin and four single state cabins, beautifully fitted out in rich marquetry, each providing a comfortable and intimate area to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery.