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The Ghost Majestic Horse Collection is also Characterized by its magnificent marquetry , as it celebrated the element 'wood' being marked in the Chinese year of the Horse, with a glorious galloping stallion featured on the car's perfectly polished wooden dashboard.
Some of the finest Dutch items were the mid 18th century marquetry presses.
Acuzar has put up a brick factory, wood works and furniture factory to include marquetry and parquetry as well as casting products made of plaster of Paris.
In addition to marquetry and paneling, it is also used for turnery, wood sculpture and carving.
And he went back to marquetry in 1994 during the Senior Golf Tour as he had too much time on his hands.
WONDERFUL subjects demand beautiful books to display them well, and this lavishly illustrated book on the amazing mechanical and marquetry furniture of Abraham and David Roentgen, Europe''s principal furniture makers during the 18th century, is a notable example of publishing at its best.
Boeing's EBACE display features a cabin finished in a bright, high-gloss sycamore wood, with hand-crafted marquetry woodwork integrated in the entrance panel.
Marquetry, the skill of applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures, is also cut by hand and inlaid into the solid body of the piece giving an effect that is almost three-dimensional.
The crystal glasses are gleaming, the silver is polished, marquetry panels varnished and cabins prepared; arrangements are complete for the start of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express' 2013 season.
A fine bureau, ornately decorated, ormolu-mounted satine, oeil de vermeil and kingwood parquetry, by Millet sold for [pounds sterling]49,250, an ormolu-mounted maple, mahogany, citronnier and fruitwood marquetry breakfront commode sold for [pounds sterling]43,250 and rare ebony and ebonised Japanese lacquer bureau sold for [pounds sterling]39,650.
Several years ago, Gordin added a new technique to his repertoire, with works in marquetry, the ancient technique of applying thin pieces of wood to form a design--constructing an image in its most literal sense.
The iconic Linley Helix motif has been taken from the distinctive Linley Helix Furniture Collection and has been set, using the highly specialised skill of marquetry inlay, into the waist-rails and picnic table of the Flying Spurs.