marriage lines

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Judiciously played games of matrimonial monopoly contrived, over the centuries, swelling properties, heady social advancement, impressive connections via marriage lines for the up-clambering nailsmiths.
After a frantic search through every drawer in the house, I still couldn't find our marriage lines.
When in 1754 a St Cuthbert's couple produced a set of marriage lines signed 'Patrick Douglas' the session considering that they had never seen Marriage Lines of his before refused them as documents.
And those who point to the long list-of scripts by Waring as proof of the pedigree should note that through his history of Marriage Lines, Not In Front Of The Children and The Many Wives Of Patrick have become progressively less amusing.
When I filled in the form this year, I had to supply proof of identity - birth certificate, marriage lines and everything but a DNA sample.
The cousin of late comedy star Terry Thomas began his career treading the boards and first found TV fame in the 1960s in Brothers In Law and with Prunella Scales in Marriage Lines.
Newly-weds leaving Gretna's busy register office yesterday picked their first marriage lines - across the road at a Spar shop Lottery terminal
He was the lynchpin of three of the most notable sitcoms ever made in Britain - Marriage Lines, The Good Life and Ever Decreasing Circles.
Their clothes, their council house face-lifts (greasy hair scraped back into restraining rubber bands), their speech, were all indicative of the claiming classes - and you knew without a shadow of doubt there were no marriage lines between them, no male support.
It was the era when Cliff Richard could promote himself as a teenage rebel, divorce was rare, unmarried mothers were seen as shameful and the Pill was only freely available to women who could produce marriage lines.
Barry and Yvonne's weddings would be the first of many with couples paying pounds 50 to pounds 150 to get their marriage lines, said a spokesman.
He turned his attention to television, gaining fame initially in the sitcom Marriage Lines, but it's probably for The Good Life that he will be best remembered.