marriage lines

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Another polygonal illustration, Phenotype-to-genotype square (P2G-sq) initiates with a square in the center of the illustration representing four marriage lines among normal and/or affected parents and incorporates all possible four parent phenotype combinations.
On 31 January 1776 Grizel Bryce alleged an irregular marriage with James Gibb and even produced marriage lines.
Although best-known as Tom Good in the BBC hit The Good Life, Briers launched his career appearing in 1960s black and white comedy The Marriage Lines with Prunella Scales.
Richard's list of hit TV shows includes Marriage Lines, Ever Decreasing Circles and Monarch of the Glen, where he played Hector McDonald.
On the marriage certificate, William gave his father as Richard Casey a farmer - the same as had been on the marriage lines of William Casey and Mary Hennessy.
On Thursday October 27, I went to the Register Office at midday to order a birth certificate and marriage lines.
I was surprised that my driving licence was still quite dry, but my marriage lines and birth certificate were barely recognisable.
Newly-weds leaving Gretna's busy register office yesterday picked their first marriage lines - across the road at a Spar shop Lottery terminal
When once had their marriage lines he would have served purpose.
He was the lynchpin of three of the most notable sitcoms ever made in Britain - Marriage Lines, The Good Life and Ever Decreasing Circles.
And those who point to the long list-of scripts by Waring as proof of the pedigree should note that through his history of Marriage Lines, Not In Front Of The Children and The Many Wives Of Patrick have become progressively less amusing.
When I filled in the form this year, I had to supply proof of identity - birth certificate, marriage lines and everything but a DNA sample.