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MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT. An agreement made by the parties in contemplation of marriage by which the title to certain property is changed, and the property to some extent becomes tied up, and is rendered inalienable. Rice's Eq. R. 315. See 2 Hill, Ch. R. 3; Ril. Ch. Cas. 76; 8 Leigh, 29; 1 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 389; 2 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 103; 1 Bald. 344; 15 Mass. 106; 1 Yeates, 221; 7 Pet. 348; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3947. Vide Settlement, Contracts.

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It prohibited the practice of forced dowry -- if a man's family willingly makes a marriage settlement to their future daughter-in-law then the custom is allowed.
Marriage settlements granted women special legal rights with regard to property.
Until that time, many New England women were denied the basic property rights that their southern sisters for decades had been entitled to through marriage settlements (139-40).
In the South, courts recognized that the intent behind marriage settlements was not to undermine familial authority, but to protect the financial security of all family members.
By setting her novel in New York, rather than in her native Maine (then still a district of Massachusetts), Wood was able more expansively to explore coverture and equity law, for marriage settlements were legal in New York.
She knew that without the kind of marriage settlements that Dorval repeatedly models--virtually unique among early texts in its attention to them--married women were rendered dependent on their husbands' integrity and good business sense.
668] described marriage settlements as "common, indeed .
58] comments that there is "little information in marriage manuals or elsewhere about marriage settlements and the precise financial requirements of a suitable marriage.
He recognizes the crises connected with the transmission of wealth between generations because of the problems associated with land as the main family asset and between families as a result of the conflicts arising through marriage settlements.
1990), "Common Law Versus Common Practice: The Use of Marriage Settlements in Early Modern England," Economic History Review, 2nd series, Vol.
The law provides that property relations between spouses shall be governed in the following order: 1) by marriage settlements executed before the marriage; 2) by provisions of the Family Code, and 3) by local customs.
In the absence of any marriage settlements, property relations between husband and wife fall under the system of absolute community of property.