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MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT. An agreement made by the parties in contemplation of marriage by which the title to certain property is changed, and the property to some extent becomes tied up, and is rendered inalienable. Rice's Eq. R. 315. See 2 Hill, Ch. R. 3; Ril. Ch. Cas. 76; 8 Leigh, 29; 1 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 389; 2 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 103; 1 Bald. 344; 15 Mass. 106; 1 Yeates, 221; 7 Pet. 348; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3947. Vide Settlement, Contracts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Yet, it is manifest that, prior to the change in the law in 1834 when married women were permitted to own property provided it was for their 'sole and separate use', the attraction of the strict marriage settlement system to the prevailing patriarchal order was that it enhanced male control of land, and indeed of the family.
Marriage settlements granted women special legal rights with regard to property.
Until that time, many New England women were denied the basic property rights that their southern sisters for decades had been entitled to through marriage settlements (139-40).
Despite the scattered legal availability of marriage settlements, they were not commonly used in the United States during the early national era, especially by women marrying for the first time.
58] comments that there is "little information in marriage manuals or elsewhere about marriage settlements and the precise financial requirements of a suitable marriage." Trollope's novels contribute to an understanding of the way in which Victorian marriages were organized around the transmission of property.
He recognizes the crises connected with the transmission of wealth between generations because of the problems associated with land as the main family asset and between families as a result of the conflicts arising through marriage settlements. We argue that women were closely involved in these crises because they had the power to influence the allocation of money both before and during marriage.
Thus, although ready to agree that numerous eighteenth-century marriages were based on love and companionship (a la Lawrence Stone and Randolph Trumbach), he also observes that often "marriage settlements .
(7) The net remainder of the conjugal partnership properties shall constitute the profits, which shall be divided equally between husband and wife, unless a different proportion or division was agreed upon in the marriage settlements or unless there has been a voluntary waiver or forfeiture of such share as provided in this Code;
(4) The net remainder of the properties of the absolute community shall constitute its net assets, which shall be divided equally between husband and wife, unless a different proportion or division was agreed upon in the marriage settlements, or unless there has been a voluntary waiver of such share provided in this Code.
Through all thes passages, while considerable tension existed between adults and children on goals and how to achieve them, adults also did as much as they could to ease th children's transition through them, from providing for education, through finding contacts for apprenticeship contracts, to arranging suitable marriage settlements.
3, 1988 when the Family Code of the Philippines was promulgated and since you do not want to enter into any marriage settlements, you and your future spouse will fall under the system of absolute community.
The law provides that property relations between spouses shall be governed in the following order: 1) by marriage settlements executed before the marriage; 2) by provisions of the Family Code, and 3) by local customs.