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I don't know myself what getting married must feel like, but it cannot be much more exciting than watching other people getting married.
Was it one of those nightmare things in which you find yourself engaged or married to some one you hate or don't know, without the slightest idea how it ever came about?
I didn't ever want to get married until after I met you, and until a long time after I met you.
Will be married next week, Doctor, to the delightful creature we have been talking about.
The same evening we received an invitation to dine with the newly married couple.
All I know, unless you enlighten me, is that your son has married me under a name that is not his own.
Thirteen years exactly from that day they were married.
But I can assure you, Anne, that it's a happy life, when you're married to the right man.
With this, the doctor laughed; but he didn't laugh half as much as a married friend of Mrs Kenwigs's, who had just come in from the sick chamber to report progress, and take a small sip of brandy-and- water: and who seemed to consider it one of the best jokes ever launched upon society.
But I cannot leave them unless I get married, and I cannot get married if nobody sees me.
I am to be married in the first week of the New Year.
She had been married young by her relations to an old Turkey merchant, who, having got a great fortune, had left off trade.