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They are not married, nor can I find there was any intention of being so; but if you are willing to perform the engagements which I have ventured to make on your side, I hope it will not be long before they are.
When you are married you will understand me better, and our friendship, shaken just now, will be deepened; for I dare assure you, now that you can no longer misunderstand me, that no living woman is dearer to me than you.
"Why--Tess!--my chil'--I thought you was married!--married really and truly this time--we sent the cider "
'And very good ones too, I believe, haven't they?' asked the married lady.
How many of the wise and learned have married their cooks?
Was it one of those nightmare things in which you find yourself engaged or married to some one you hate or don't know, without the slightest idea how it ever came about?
A woman could not be married in a widow's cap, James."
Thirteen years exactly from that day they were married. It took her just that long to forgive him."
That he should be married soon, before (as she imagined) he could be in orders, and consequently before he could be in possession of the living, surprised her a little at first.
Harmon Andrews told me when I came home that I wouldn't likely find married life as much better than teaching as I expected.
"Your son has married me under the name of Woodville.
I am to be married in the first week of the New Year.