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Her color vanished, and he continued, "I want you to marry him.
I comfort myself with thinking," replied Jane, "that he certainly would not marry Lydia if he had not a real regard for her.
He had middle-class instincts, and it seemed a dreadful thing to him to marry a waitress.
In his present mood instances came but too quickly, and on top of them this culminating proof of his baseness--that he had asked her to marry him when his reasons for such a proposal were selfish and half-hearted.
But you know, Dodo, if you ever did marry, it would be all the better to have blood and beauty," said Celia, reflecting that Mr.
She had been perfectly sure that the enamored Billy had no chance at all of inducing Anne to marry him.
I like you, but not enough to marry you, and I'll never like you enough to marry you.
I remember telling Matthew, that evening when he brought me to Green Gables, that I never expected to be a bride because I was so homely no one would ever want to marry me--unless some foreign missionary did.
You might as well sell yourself to slavery at once, as marry a man you dislike.
I can only get a License by taking my oath that I marry her with her father's consent.
Very good health, a very warm constitution, and a good deal of religion, made it absolutely necessary for her to marry again; and she resolved to please herself in her second husband, as she had done her friends in the first.
Who'd ever go to marry you without a shilling to your vortune?