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George's, Hanover Square, during the genteel marriage season; and though I have never seen the bridegroom's male friends give way to tears, or the beadles and officiating clergy any way affected, yet it is not at all uncommon to see women who are not in the least concerned in the operations going on--old ladies who are long past marrying, stout middle-aged females with plenty of sons and daughters, let alone pretty young creatures in pink bonnets, who are on their promotion, and may naturally take an interest in the ceremony--I say it is quite common to see the women present piping, sobbing, sniffling; hiding their little faces in their little useless pocket-handkerchiefs; and heaving, old and young, with emotion.
It's a pleasant illusion, but if you're thinking of the risks of marriage, it seems to me that the risk of marrying a person you're in love with is something colossal."
Rehman's friend Asha Parekh, a top actress in the 1960s, never entertained the thought of marrying one of her co-stars.
Summary: Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India], Feb.15 (ANI): The Uttarakhand Police have arrested a woman for allegedly impersonating a man and marrying two women.
The thing is, I don't know if I'm marrying my boyfriend because I love him, or if I'm doing it for the sake of getting married, or because I think marrying him is the right thing to do.
Some research has found that there is little additional divorce-prevention benefit to marrying past ages 22 to 25.
A Saudi man hailing from the northern city of Arar has set a record by marrying 14 times during the last 37 years.
MUSCAT: The Primary Court is planning a crackdown on violators of the law that forbids Omanis from marrying foreign partners without the necessary permission from the authorities, a source at the Ministry of Interior said.
Sleeping with us on alternate days." However, after 12 years of marriage her husband divorced her after marrying another two wives who caused dissent within the family.
But 17-year-old Lauren is taking the very adult step of marrying her boyfriend Nik, 18.
The news reported that the groom's father advised him not to rush into marrying the young woman--mild advice considering the pain she had caused him.
Georgia is considering changing a 1962 law that set the marrying age at 16 but made an exception in the case of pregnancy.