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Cardiff Council is cancelling the marshalling service, which manages queues for taxis at Greyfriars Road and Lower St Mary Street on Friday and Saturday nights, as it does not have enough money to run it.
A senior police source told the Mirror: "The absence of marshalling is a concern and we will be lobbying hard over the weekend for them to reconsider.".
Lack of a truck staging/marshalling area: This would require the future relocation of the MTA from its modern Quill bus depot (occupying the city block bounded by Eleventh to Twelfth Avenues, 40th to 41st Streets) for Convention Center truck staging and marshalling, which would create great relocation, logistical and expense problems for the MTA.
"We downloaded the ships and got the equipment to the marshalling yard," said Staff Sgt.
Marshalling at a motor racing meeting is an activity open to any fit and healthy person over the age of 16 and must be one of the most exciting voluntary occupations.