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Don't drown him, sell him to me instead,' begged Martin.
here is the money;' and, so saying, he handed him the hundred florins, which the peasant pocketed, and Martin took possession of the cat, which was called Waska.
I promised when she'd growed up and brought pigs, we'd give him back two for one," Martin hastily explained.
That's what he said," nodded Peter, carefully switching his navy plug to the opposite cheek before settling down to reply, "and sez I, 'Why, Martin, what d'ye want o' that there shoat?
I don't know that I'm so set on shooting today, myself,' said Martin.
I shouldn't give way to that sort of thing if I were you,' said Martin.
that Arthur should have singled out Martin of all fellows for a friend.
Well, I say," sputtered out Martin eagerly, "will you come to- morrow, both of you, to Caldecott's Spinney then?
Those Sundays were great days for Martin, greatest because he was with Ruth, and great, also, because they were putting him more on a par with the young men of her class.
Butler was there, Martin turned the conversation upon Spencer.
Martin marries, I wish you may not be drawn in by your intimacy with the sisters, to be acquainted with the wife, who will probably be some mere farmer's daughter, without education.
Martin would ever marry any body but what had had some educationand been very well brought up.