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MASCULINE. That which belongs to the male sex.
     2. The masculine sometimes includes the feminine, vide an example under the article Man, and see also the articles Gender, Worthiest of blood; Poth. Intr. au titre 16, des Testamens et Donations Testamentaires, n. 170; Ayl, Pand. 57; 4 C. & P. 216; S. C. 19 E. C. L. R. 551 3 Fred. Code, pr. 1, b. 1, t. 4, s. 3; 3 Brev. R. 9.

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While masculinity and male-normative values vary across cultures, sociologists and psychologists alike have noted the way in which hegemonic masculinity, regardless of cultural origin, requires men to constantly prove their manhood (see Connell and Messerschmidt; see also Kimmel).
The sheer magnitude of the material available makes any comprehensive review difficult, but Mercer has spent nearly two decades researching how gay porn has impacted the development of masculinity in the gay community and beyond.
Put bluntly, the romance novel depends on and is committed to an ideology of masculinity that needs to be engaged with and critiqued by scholars of critical masculinities.
When their masculinity is threatened, many men scramble to recover it, using strategies such as avoiding stereotypically feminine products and activities--think moisturizing lotions, day spas, or figure skating--and exaggerating their own stereotypical masculine characteristics like their height or the number of women they have dated.
The research was aimed at identifying how men compensate when their masculinity is threatened or questioned.
Timothy Shary's edited volume provides a surprisingly thorough extension of recent scholarship addressing masculinity in film studies by examining films released during the turn of the recent century, from 1990-2012.
For Trudeau, the boxing match provided the opportunity to publicly recover from threats to his masculinity and to fulfill the ideal gender requirements for a leadership position in electoral politics.
Basso, Meet Joe Copper: Masculinity and Race on Montana's World War II Home Front (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press 2013)
Whilst social discourses prescribe qualities, actions and attitudes determining the nature of hegemonic masculinity, a diagnosis of anorexia presents a challenge to constructs of masculine subjectivities.
These magazines reflect contemporary ideas about appropriate performances and embodiments of masculinity through the process of consumption, and demonstrate the shift from traditional 'Aussie' notions of masculinity towards more banal, globalised and commercialised forms.
Masculinity and its Challenges in India: Essays on Changing Perceptions