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The remains of the masquerader, whose identity could not be ascertained as of the time of this report, lay on the road, while other masqueraders, tenders, bystanders and followers gathered in shock.
On one hand, Hawthorne may merely be adding poetic flourish to Coverdale's depictions of the masqueraders.
Reese says the Norwoods were operating under the co-dependent and the masquerader scripts.
Paradoxical vocal cord motion in the recovery room: a masquerader of pulmonary dysfunction.
Sirce, a 10-1 chance, upset Frankie Dettori on 2-1 favourite Masquerader in the Norman Hill Memorial Handicap to keep her relationship with Jimmy Quinn on the boil.
Many of her sculptures, such as the steel, mirror, wood, bells, cloth, paint, and motor Masquerader With Boat Headdress, are extremely popular and vibrate on prescribed schedule.
In this instance, the mask is too powerful to be worn and is dragged behind the masquerader.
Recent investigations into minstrelsy as a space of white, working-class male homosocial camaraderie must now factor in the volatile presence of a large, white, female masquerader parading upon the minstrel stage.
At times the non-initiated people may even know the masquerader, as in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.
In the midst of the carnival I find myself the only masquerader without a mask and am granted no forgiveness.
By reproducing the conditions of what it might be like to inhabit an apartment, Green offered a kind of documentary fiction, a model of subjective experience that reflected the peculiar distance between the artist (as cultural tourist, masquerader, and infiltrating critic) and this unfamiliar environment.