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Mass hysteria comes in two forms, Dr Bartholomew said.
Furthermore, the higher share price is designed to make it easier for shareholders to hold Mass Hysteria stock in their brokerage accounts.
I WOULD urge Kirklees Council Planning Authority and local councillors not to succumb to the mass hysteria displayed by some in advocating refusing the Thandi Partnerships new planning submission for a hostelry at Castle Hill.
The level of programmes worth watching has deteriorated and we're left with a succession of inane programmes marred by the incessant background noise allegedly termed 'music' or completely ruined by the mass hysteria of studio audiences, shrieking continuously and frequently drowning out the voice of the presenters.
MUCH of the crisis currently raging around Northern Rock is a result of mass hysteria created by the solipsistic clique that is the London media, with the BBC being the worst culprit.
Aftermyths differ from urban myths or legends in being posterior or subordinate to true myth, explains Eisenhauer, an American scholar of German and comparative literature, and they cannot be debunked because they draw their legitimacy not from fact but from psychological need, and operate in the realms of mass hysteria and tribal consensus.
MASS hysteria at The Hawthorns hijacked the airwaves for what felt like forever.
No member of the audience can feel distanced from the action unravelling before them as a seemingly pious community is torn apart by a young woman who so easily lets loose mass hysteria in the wake of a brimstone preacher.
If a coach is freaking out and there's mass hysteria, that's no big deal.
Then Barrowland erupts in mass hysteria for Size Of A Cow and Welcome To The Cheap Seats.
Modern forms of individual and mass hysteria have much to tell us about the anxieties and fantasies of western culture, especially in the United States and Europe," writes Showalter, who spoke with Senior Editor Nick Gillespie by telephone.
Semi-finalist judges to date include senior and chief executives from companies such as: Alliance Staffing, Arena Pharmaceuticals, BioLucent, Cooley Godward, Ernst & Young, Discovery Partners, Domain Associates, Heller Ehrman, Imperial Bank, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Mass Hysteria, JNI Corp.