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Water supplies in the cities of America that day became Weapons of Mass Medication.
We have been subject to a mass medication experiment and now we are being refused choice.
I am strongly opposed to this mass medication - fluoride is a dangerous chemical and its cumulative effect is not known.
People have strong feelings on programmes of mass medication, even for the prevention of tooth decay.
FDA for the health claims made, as well as limiting contaminants; and the most recent decision by Honolulu that combines both aspects of rejecting mass medication through the water supply, and in case of superseding State law, provides for product quality control similar to the California initiatives.
Fluoridating the water supply is a form of mass medication, removing from individuals the right to choose.
Alleged dental benefits aside, other critics of water fluoridation oppose the controversial practice in principle, pointing out that, instead of being used to purify the water supply, it is instead used to treat people and amounts to the mass medication of populations without lawfully required individual consent.
We seem to have adjusted to peace by means of mass medication with anti-depressants, alcohol and non-prescription drugs - the consumption of which has risen dramatically in the period of peace.
But questioned by AMs, Mrs Hart said she "remained to be convinced" about the idea of adding fluoride to the water supply as a mass medication measure.
The mass medication programme was given to the school's 364 children and their teachers, who were recalled after classes broke up for Easter.