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Overall you were, and you remained, intent upon carrying out an act of mass murder in this country.
Yet as matters currently stand no sense of urgency with respect to Assad regime mass murder exists.
com then simply enter Mass Murder in America in the search bar.
One of the main problems arising in studying the attitude of servicemen to the mass murder of Jews is the limited prominence of this subject in diaries and letters written during the war.
Mr Hanson called the incident as "the worst mass murder in Calgary's history.
Molla was convicted of rape, murder and mass murder including the killing of more than 350 unarmed Bengali civilians, a poet and a top journalist during the war when he was a physics student at Dhaka University.
The bombing off the coast of Ireland was the largest mass murder in Canadian history with 329 people, mostly Canadian citizens, killed.
The motive for mass murder is so different from the motivation for single-victim murders," criminology professor Jack Levin told The Huffington Post.
This political party, which is the direct successor of the National Liberation Army (NLA), has thus acquitted of any guilt its former fellow fighters and called on the relevant authorities to determine whether any of the suspects for the mass murder at Smilkovci were members of the NLA.
He raised concern over the mass murder at Smilkovci and said Serbia would do all in its power if asked to help in any way.
He defines his project thus: "I wish to test the proposition that deliberate and direct mass murder by these two regimes in the bloodlands is a distinct phenomenon worthy of separate treatment" (p.
CDATA[ Twelve men led by a woman called Dalal al-Mughrabi declared a State of Palestine in 1978 that ended in mass murder.