mass produced

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Titanium dioxide nanobars have been mass produced in this research through hydrothermal method.
Furthermore, in handmade items, the consumer can request that the craftsman respect a certain set of specifications and customize the cane, so to speak, whereas this option does not exist with mass produced items.
The sensors are essentially modified versions of existing designs so they can be cost-effectively mass produced using proven chip manufacturing technologies.
And while larger operations stock more in the way of quantity, Capellan says his superior product results from a family tradition that believes good cigars cannot be mass produced. "I grow my own tobacco, so aside I from the rolling, I know what tobacco we put into our cigars," says Capellan.
It was a movement of contradictions: products could be painstakingly handcrafted or mass produced; luxury or popular; tasteful or (perhaps more frequently) hideously kitsch; monochrome or garish; chrome or Bakelite; tribal or futuristic; borrowing from a classical past or from the avant-garde.
PIONEER: Designer Robert Newman is hoping his trolley-cum-backpack is in line to be mass produced