mass produced

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Elpida has verified this new 90 nm process technology and demonstrated high production yields equivalent to that of our currently mass produced 100 nm-based devices.
Plans call for the proposed joint venture to build a pilot line this fall to improve the ability to supply advanced mass produced items.
Honda is taking a revolutionary step for mass produced cars: they're offering a world-class car navi system that gives people vast quantities of music-related and directional information at their fingertips -- something that isn't yet offered in cars that are many times more expensive," stated Craig Palmer, president and CEO for Gracenote.
With this decision, Advanced Tissue Sciences is the first company to have gained FDA approval for a tissue-engineered, living dermal substitute that is human-based, mass produced and cryopreserved.
By aligning with major manufacturers and retailers, this technology can be mass produced, bringing the cost to a level that will make the technology easily affordable so that it can penetrate the marketplace.
This order for 10,000 e-Ports places this particular partner advantageously to acquire a portion of USA's first mass produced e-Ports.
Aerie Networks, the first company to introduce Mass Produced Bandwidth(SM) and User Defined Networks(SM), today announced that Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) would supply Corning(R) LEAF(R) optical fiber for all of Aerie's planned 20,000-mile nationwide broadband network.
1989 - Mass produced the world's first color plasma screen, a 20-inch, three-color (red, green, orange) display used for stock price displays.