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Toshiba also unveiled 32GB and 16GB SDHC cards which are expected to begin mass production at the same time.
I am seeing the evolution of a new engineer--the lean engineer--ready to carry the revolution started by Toyota and implemented by many companies (we estimate somewhere around 70 percent) as lean production (to contrast it with mass production) to its place as the way to achieve small lots at superior quality with short lead times.
Without him, today's highly-automated mass production of cars would not be possible.
Yes, there may be fewer people than is the case in conventional mass production operations (despite the fact that mass production operations tend to be far heavier on the automation quotient), but oftentimes during one-piece flow in a cellular arrangement, it is an individual moving the part from station to station.
Honda Precision Parts of Georgia LLC (HPPG), Tallapoosa, Ga., announced plans to expand production capabilities at its west Georgia facility, which will increase its investment to $150 million and employment to 440 associates and mark the start of mass production of five-speed transmissions for the company.
Ford and GM relied on mass production. But in the postwar era the situation in Japan was entirely different from that in the United States.
"We expect to begin the certification process by the first of April in order to initiate the mass production of our HydraStax in the third quarter of this year," said ARSC president Bob Farr.
Pop described art, film, photography and architectural design from the 1950s through the 50s, which used mass media and mass production as inspiration.
announced its plan to begin mass production in 2007, of an independently developed thin film solar cell composed of non-silicon compound materials, which requires 50% less energy, and thus generate 50% less CO2, during production compared to a conventional solar cell.
As such, Biott possesses a superior sales network of Pharmaceutical and Biological companies, from basic research to mass production.
Austin Energy recently joined with the city of Austin, TX to launch "Plug-In Austin," a new community-wide campaign encouraging the mass production of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).
However, it is uninhibited by the orthodoxy and environment of the American mass production and distribution system.