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We are one of the very few companies who have the ability to mass-produce 8-inch PLCs and our yield results indicate that we have a very robust and repeatable process.
Electricar lack the money required to mass-produce electric cars.
Keasling has found a way to create artemisinin by combining genes from yeast, bacteria, and the wormwood plant that makes it possible to mass-produce the drug quickly and for one-tenth of today's price.
Bavarian Motor Works AG (BMW) (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, is planning to mass-produce 'megacity' e-vehicles by the year 2015, according to BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer.
Yoon's current goal is to mass-produce reversibly immortalized cells that are safe and effective enough to gain Food and Drug Administration approval for use in people.
To mass-produce DNA chips, the researchers dunk the master into a solution containing sequences of DNA that are complementary to the strands on the master and are capped with a chemical that binds to gold.