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U is producing copiers on a routine and repetitive basis, because they are mass-produced.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- The nation's first mass-produced pickup truck designed to run solely on natural gas was unveiled today at a special showing for Southern California fleet operators and GMC Truck dealers.
The degeneration implicit in the transformation of the artisanal object into the mass-produced article is constantly manifest to modern man in the loss of his own self-possession with respect to things.
Lawler's pictures were shot at a 1998 reinstallation of Silver Clouds at the New York gallery D'Amelio Terras and thus copy a copy of a work that, because it was mass-produced (this is Warhol, remember), was never an original to begin with.
Even so, it is not clear yet that people's yearning for a better mass-produced tomato will translate smoothly into wide-spread acceptance of genetically engineered foods.
BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, is introducing the first mass-produced electric vehicles from its 'i' division to Chinese dealerships in 2014, according to BMW Group's senior executives.
According to the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), the product is already mass-produced and in use in clothing industry of Iran.
If Warhol (correctly) saw the ordinary, mass-produced good as the emblem of the '60s, Murakami now points happily to the luxury name-brand tchotchke.
At first glance, the underlying idea seems to be that an artist can transform everyday, mass-produced objects into works of art simply by selecting them.
VW, which is best known for its mass-produced VW Golf and Beetle cars but also makes SEAT, Skoda and Audi brand cars, wants to upgrade its image by entering the high-end luxury car market.
This feature enables SmartFob to be mass-produced much more easily and at much lower cost than keyfobs in which the antenna and the module are bound together.
But with a bit of visual effort, the welter of colors, shapes, and textures gradually revealed a sophisticated logic of form and content, leading from the obvious contrast between traditional crafts and their mass-produced modern counterparts to the far more subtle and intriguing evidence of survivals, appropriations, and creative adaptations within a living popular culture, which are too often overshadowed by the exotic museum pieces of the past and the tourist art imitating them in the present.