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Indicating that only in the village Saugpara of Rathedaung in Rakhine around one thousand Muslims were massacred the other day, Minister for EU Affairs mer elik said The UN and EU institutions should act immediately to stop this massacre through swift and effective means.
The first mass-massacre of the Hazaras took place in the late 19th century 1880s by King Abdul Rahman Khan who was supported by the British Empire of the time, in which 62 percent of the Hazara population was massacred.
The Machiavellian and providentialist understandings of history differ little, however, in the position they afford history's victims, at least in this play, and for the Huguenots massacred in 1572 the English agent arrives far too late.
He betrayed people he knew - MacIan of Glencoe, the chief of the small branch of the Clan Donald massacred, was a friend with whom he'd have hunted, fished and protected.
Under a white flag of truce, they were subsequently massacred by Confederate troops under the leadership of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
No humans were massacred either, it would seem, as they were mere Iraqis.
A French civic official has launched a campaign to raise money for the upkeep of a memorial to dozens of Midland prisoners of war who were massacred by Nazi soldiers.