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We recognize the importance of regulating the massage therapy profession to ensure that only qualified individuals can practice it.
However, we find it unreasonable to require our people to undergo six months of training from DOH-accredited training centers when TESDA already has existing training courses and issues a National Certificate in Massage Therapy NC II which is also recognized abroad,' he added.
com/news/local/jacksonville/2-massage-parlor-employees-arrested-in-prostitution-sting) arrested at a local massage therapy named Bamboo Spa.
Graduates of the school are qualified for membership in the American Massage Therapy Association, which sets standards for professional therapists.
21 July 2015 - US-based liberal arts institution Naropa University has acquired the intellectual property and most of the physical assets of the former Boulder College of Massage Therapy, the company said.
Using superior quality candles which are scented with essential oils and original blends, the Sea Soul Candle Massage Therapy and Candle Body Scrub are irresistible ways to beat the stress and awaken senses.
He provided massage therapy support and assisted physiotherapists at the Queensland Tennis Academy based in the Pat Rafter Arena as well as treating the Queensland Firebirds Netball Team which competes in the premier netball league ANZ Championship.
5 One of the effective complementary therapies for pain management is massage therapy.
Licensed Massage Therapist Arnold Kelly, who provides massage therapy at the Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic at the UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center, said massage provides two types of benefits: immediate and cumulative.
Yoga and massage therapy reduce prenatal depression and prematurity.
Two types of massage therapy are equally as beneficial at treating chronic low-back pain and may be more effective than usual care in the short term, according to a study in the July 5 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.
The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) was created in response to massage therapy and bodywork educators' desire that rigorous standards be applied to institutions of massage therapy and bodywork.