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En'yo and his colleagues measured the particles masses by firing protons at targets of either carbon or copper, creating showers of particles that included phi mesons.
Since the masses of the individual weights of each machine were determined similarly, the mass values may be partially correlated; thus the combined mass uncertainty of any combination of masses may more appropriately be taken to be the sum of the individual uncertainties rather than the square root of their estimated variance.
In an earlier statement, issued on October 27, 1998, the Ecclesia Dei Commission explained why it does not recommend attendance at SSPX Masses.
Masses at Notre Dame are marked by the full participation of their assembly in the liturgy, and on Sundays the Basilica is regularly filled to capacity.
Also, around the time of the discovery of these massive orbs, several researchers, including Gibor Basri of the University of California, Berkeley, were finding dwarfs with lower and lower masses.
Like other branchial pouch remnants, third pouch anomalies most frequently present as soft, nontender, well-circumscribed masses on the anterior margin of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
Owing to the way synthetic polymers are synthesized they possess a range of molecular masses.
Calculations using that assumption show that the winds are indeed intense enough to put heavy stars on a slow but steady diet, reducing their mass by tens of solar masses over several million years.
Head and neck masses are more likely to be benign in children than in adults, in whom head and neck masses tend to be malignant.
Some churches that have religious education for children between the Masses on Sunday mornings offer "faith formation" and doughnuts for the parents, too.
The lack of commercial standards arises from difficulties obtaining narrow molecular mass fractions of polyethylene and in measuring absolute molecular masses by light scattering or osmometry at temperatures as high as 150 [degrees]C.