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"It's about that scale thing, which is all to do with what the sublime is about...this small human in the massiveness of nature."
the most wonderful proofs of what Nature can produce, (the survival of the fittest, no doubt--all the frailer samples dropt, sorted out by death)--as if to show how the earth and woods, the attrition of storms and elements, and the exigencies of life at first hand, can train and fashion men, indeed chiefs, in heroic massiveness, imperturbability, muscle, and that last and highest beauty consisting of strength--the full exploitation and fruitage of a human identity, not from the culmination--points of "culture" and artificial civilization, but tallying our race, as it were, with giant, vital, gnarl'd, enduring trees, or monoliths of separate hardiest rocks, and humanity holding its own with the best of the said trees or rocks, and outdoing them.
The expansion and massiveness of higher education has entailed an increase in the number of youth that gain access to it, in contrast to what took place decades ago, when it was characterized by being rather elitist and only a reduced part of the population was able to be admitted and obtain academic degrees.
Caption: CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Clayton Peacock stands near one of Sky Lake's giants to provide a view of the massiveness of the trees here.
The massiveness of drug dependency shows how the natural defenses of most communities have been breached.
Continuous growing of sugar beet in same growing fields brings a risk of buildup of population massiveness of H.
MOOCs are built on the characteristics of massiveness, openness, and connectivity philosophy.
We have to admit it's quite a view, but it's not as spectacular as the sheer massiveness of their stupidity
In this paper, researchers from Universidad del Cauca (Popayan, Colombia) propose an architectural approach for tracking learning activities, which is intended to improve the tutor-student relationship in an environment of massiveness to maximize the quality of learning in massive open online courses.
The massiveness of the source material is overwhelming.
The created sense of "unity" is among the most important characteristics of the Kantian mathematically sublime along with "massiveness" which is visibly present in such Van Gogh paintings as The Starry Night series in the form of the massive sky dominating and penetrating earthly things (as in the paintings of Da Vinci).
KARACHI -- At least 209 people lost their lives and hundreds others sustained injuries in structures' collapse and landslides caused by a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake that jolted northern parts of Pakistan on Monday.The enormity of the quake can be gauged from the fact that the tremors were felt alls across South Asia.Majority of deaths were reported from Shangla while the death toll is feared to rise even further in view of the massiveness of this natural calamity.