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Williams earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Northeastern State University and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.
In some occupations, you're likely to need a master's degree to qualify for entry-level jobs.
Nancy earned a BA in history from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Master's degree at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs.
in 1970 and a master's degree in theology at Cambridge University in England in 1972.
It also shows that the slight increases in supply of, and demand for, master's degrees has been accompanied by large decreases in the supply of, and demand for, bachelor's degrees.
After obtaining his master's degree in political science and a bachelor of law degree, Mukherjee completed his diploma in journalism in Sydney.
Despite this noble effort, some blacks still veer away from librarianship because only a master's degree can reap true career growth.
Alberto Laureano, who left Mexico to get his master's degree at Harvard, is one of those turning their backs on the tried and true.
Even a well-known North American national library, advertising in Science in late spring of 1991, specified that its positions requiring "subject matter knowledge" could be filled by candidates with "a Bachelor's degree in the appropriate subject area, a Master's degree in library science or comparable library experience, or [again, italics mine] a Master's degree in the appropriate subject area.
The independent variable, level of rehabilitation counselor education, was categorized in the following three levels: (a) master's degree in rehabilitation counseling (MRC), (b) related master's degree (e.
Four of the project directors had master's degrees in rehabilitation, three had master's degrees in education and one had a master's degree in business administration.

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