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Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction comes from a master craftsman who considers the many obstacles to honing creative focus in an age of distractions and self-doubt, and pairs the story of how he become involved in woodworking craftsmanship with a larger story of how he learned to cultivate his craft against all odds.
Amazing Spaces Snow And Ice Special C4, 8pm FACTUAL George Clarke and master craftsman Will Hardie visit Norway, a country that endures harsh weather but manages to design small homes that can withstand the elements.
Mohammed Yusuf Khatri, Master Craftsman from Madhya Pradesh along with his sons, Bilal and Kazeem has always created wonders on fabrics as well as even bamboo mats and leather.
Nijinsky, model number 2352, was issued in 1971 and was designed by master craftsman Albert Hallam.
Uniqueness and the Master Craftsman WONDERS never cease, they have discovered that the pattern of the veins in our finger is unique, so instead of a pin number when using a credit card we may just have to use a finger.
Master craftsman Will Hardie sets out to transform the humble beach hut into the most unlikely of holiday getaways.
It is sold in its own ornate oak case which is engraved in gold by a master craftsman.
James Piscatori, project leader says, "This is a fantastic opportunity to discover the rich visual culture of the Middle East, and to meet with a master craftsman representing a highly specialised skill that has existed on one street in Cairo for at least a thousand years.
In addition to its display of seminal works such as FILM-ROOM: SMOKE, 1967-, the artist's first projection, and a 1992 cedar structure realized in collaboration with master craftsman Makoto Imai, the exhibition will emphasize Nordman's long-standing engagement with the city of Ghent.
Another artisan who attracted the visitors a lot was Shah Behram, a master craftsman in Taghar weaving, a traditional woollen rug from Dera Ismail Khan.
Piepmeyer recently completed his Master Craftsman qualification which is similar to a master's degree for artisans.
But the Master Craftsman can transform your life for His pleasure, and the blessing of others.